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Family 250 ml


Cleansing make-up remover milk for all the family.


It can’t be used only for baby skin or the most sensitive ones, but also for
removing the make-up of the princess or the knight after a birthday party or for
mom or granny’s face.
Large quantity for 250ml convenient to use in an eco-friendly packaging.
More than a cleaner, it contains 42,7 % active ingredients and will leave the
skin clean and soft.
Very rich it is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film on the skin.
The presence of organic lavender and chamomile floral water gives it a calming
action adapted to the most fragile epidermis.


Ingredients / virtues:
Precious organic donkey milk: donkey’s milk soothes sensitive skin and those
that are prone to redness. It also has ultra-moisturizing properties that will
delight dry skin. Finally, it contains glycerol alkyls that boost immune defenses
against skin aggression's.
Organic aloe vera: moisturizing, cooling.
Organic sunflower oil: soothing, nourishing, quick penetration.
Organic apricot stone oil: nourishing and soothing.
Organic marrubium: disinfectant.
Organic calendula extract: softening and soothing property.


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