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family 250 ml


A fresh and cleansing lotion suitable for the skin of the whole family.

For whom?
A mommy tonic, a baby face and hand cleanser after lunch, a morning cleanser
for children and adults.A gentle cleanser for mature skins.


Composed of mild active ingredients, it meets the need of the daily cleaning.
The organic chamomile floral water gives it a soothing and calming action
suitable for sensitive skins. Large quantity of 250ml, convenient to use in an eco-friendly packaging. Apply gently with the palm of the hands or with the organic cotton gauze glove.

Precious organic donkey’s milk: 0,75% of the rehydrated milk.
Organic aloe vera: moisturizing, soothing.
Vegetal glycerin: extends the moisturizing, softening, antiseptic virtue.
Organic calendula extract: soothing.
Organic orange blossom hydrolat: softening and soothing virtue
Organic marrubium: disinfecting
Organic chamomile hydrolat: soothing virtue.







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