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Global face cream


Intrinsic ageing remains an inevitable process: under the influence of years the
cells renew more slowly, some expression wrinkles begin to grow, and the skin
loses its firmness. Milky secret’s formula gathers a triple action milk whose
effective restructuring, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle visible improves the skin’s


99% off the total of the ingredients are of natural origin
10% come from biological agriculture

Its light texture will bring your softness and efficiency


How to use:
Use morning and evening to brighten the complexion and as an excellent base
under make-up. Apply a pea-sized amount on the face neck and chess area and
smooth gently from the center to outwards. For better absorption do circular


The ingredients and virtues of these natural and noble ingredients                                                           

Precious donkey’s milk :

20% of rehydrated milk. It preserves the youth of the skin, fights against skin ageing, it visibly reduces skin wrinkles and leaves the skin smoother. Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acid, it is known to tone and soften the skin.

Vegetable squalane: Moisturise and rebalances the hydrolipidic barrier

Vegatable glycerin: vegetable sustitute of lanoline. Emolient and protective.

Organic jojoba oil: Stimulates the elastin and brakes the water loss. Keeps the skin supple.

Organic amand oil: ideal for sensitive, dry and fragil skins

Bees wax: filmogen, moisturising and protective against external aggressions

Sepilift HDPD: firming triple action, moisturizing and anti-wrinkles

Shea butter: moisturizes, gives elasticity and a protective action

Organic argan oil: revitalizes dry skin

Extract of organic coltsfoot: rich in uronic mucilage > emollient property

Useful and economic packaging of 50ml, airless bottle


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